Host Jonathan for a house, patio, or bbq concert! 

Get up close and personal with my songs and stories in the setting of your own space. I really enjoy playing private shows, it’s typically a very comfortable way to deliver my type of music and it makes for a special event for the audience when delivered properly. 

How does it work? You have to make a living room, back yard, deck, or patio into a music space with folding chairs (or similar) and it may involve moving some furniture, and borrowing or having guests bring their own chairs if you don’t have them in order to create a nice listening and visual environment. Ideally, you know of 15 to 40 friends or acquaintances that fit your space and tastes who would enjoy an intimate 1 to 2 hour set by an acoustic songwriter like me. Additionally, it’s folks that wouldn’t mind contributing a donation of approximately $15 a head, you invite them the same way you would if hosting a party or bbq and it’s an easy way to involve kids if appropriate. 

Many hosts encourage a pot luck or put out a spread themselves, byob or refreshment donations is an option, with food and visiting an hour before hand with music starting promptly at a reasonable hour.  Shows can be private (your contacts only) or public (and I would help promote as well, only with your permission), but all of this is up to you and your capabilities and I have a lot of promotion material to share with others on my website to help get folks to come out. 

Once everyone is seated, it’s best to make the necessary housekeeping announcements – restroom locale, parking, direction of where the  merchandise is located, reminder of the contribution bucket for the starving artist, interpretive dancing and applause requirements, etc. 

These shows are a lot of fun and I’ve done several of them all over the country including in strangers homes!  I travel with my own sound gear, a stage light,  a super great acoustic guitar, a dozen harmonicas, a microphone, 100s of songs and stories that I like to share at such gatherings. Also, I travel in a sleeper van so I just need a parking space for the night typically. 

If you’re interested, please reach out to me directly at or use the Contact tab above and we can start a conversation.

Shea's Porch - Our House Concert Stage!